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Customize Your Health Care with Concierge Medicine

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Even if you’ve got great insurance, it can be a hassle to try to find an appointment, understand co-pays and deductibles, and negotiate with the insurance company when all you want is to see a doctor.

Concierge medicine can help to relieve many of the issues of standard healthcare and provide you with advantages regular health insurance simply can’t. To get a better understanding of this type of medical care, let’s examine what concierge medicine is, and what benefits it provides other types of care can’t.

If you're interested in the advantages of concierge medical careDr. Evan Allen and his experienced team at Allen Wellness & Medical Center can help

What is concierge medicine?

In the US, healthcare plans involve an intersection of medical insurance and in-plan doctors, hospitals, and medicines. Simple things like scheduling appointments, getting referrals, and having any prescribed pills covered are part of a larger system with approvals for every part of the process making things take longer. 

Concierge doctors (or personalized medical service providers) offer direct service to you for a monthly or annual fee covering private practice appointments but with less overhead and fewer patients to deal with at a time. Health insurance is still necessary for unexpected emergencies and hospitalizations as concierge doctors focus on nonurgent personalized care.

What are its benefits?

This method of medical care delivery has many upsides, including:

More personalized care

Current data indicates that an average traditional medical practice takes on as many as 24 patients a day as opposed to 8 patients daily with concierge service. This means more time to examine your specific needs and assistance in coordinating specialist care.

Better access to medical help

More time with patients also means quicker appointments for less waiting time (often same day or next day), more medical access by phone and email, and most basic care and screenings can be done right in the office.

Less overall fees

While the upfront costs are generally higher than at a doctor's visit, there are no copays or deductibles for visits, and if prescription medications are needed, they can often be made available right from the office cheaper than through insurance.

In short, you can get the same quality medical care with quicker service, personalized care, and access to screenings and medications for far less hassle than through traditional means. If you’re ready to try the benefits of concierge medical care, make an appointment with Dr. Allen and the team at Allen Wellness & Medical Center today