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Chronic Disease Management services offered in Henderson, NV

About 60% of adults in the United States have at least one chronic disease. When left unmanaged, a chronic disease affects your health and quality of life. Evan Allen, MD, is a family physician who provides patient-centered chronic disease management at his practice, Allen Wellness Center in Henderson, Nevada. Dr. Allen educates you about your disease and the treatments, therapies, and tools you need to manage it. To schedule your chronic disease management appointment, call the office or book online today.

Chronic Disease Management Q & A

What is a chronic disease?

A chronic disease refers to any health condition that lasts a year or longer and needs ongoing medical care or treatments, limits daily activities, or both. Examples of chronic diseases include:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Chronic lung disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease

When poorly managed, a chronic disease affects your quality of life and may lead to an early death.

Dr. Allen provides chronic disease management to help you get the guidance and care you need to take control of your long-term condition, or conditions, and improve your health and well-being.

What is chronic disease management?

Chronic disease management is one of the preventive medicine services available at Allen Wellness Center. Dr. Allen takes a proactive approach to health care and understands the toll a long-term illness has on your physical and emotional well-being.

Chronic disease management is more than filling prescriptions; it’s teaching you about your condition, taking steps to monitor it at home, making changes to your lifestyle, and recognizing symptoms of concern.

Dr. Allen’s goal is to slow the progression of your disease and prevent or delay disease-related complications. 

Who needs chronic disease management?

Dr. Allen recommends chronic disease management for anyone who has a long-term illness. Whether you feel as though you have everything under control or your illness is taking over your life, Dr. Allen can help.

Chronic disease management is about keeping you well and preventing (or slowing) your disease from damaging your body. 

If you have a long-term illness that requires regular medical interventions or affects how you live your life, you need chronic disease management with Dr. Allen.

What can I expect with chronic disease management?

You can expect comprehensive, patient-centered care from chronic disease management at Allen Wellness Center. 

Dr. Allen understands that a long-term illness usually develops from a combination of factors. To help you manage your disease, he needs to understand all of the factors that influence your health, including your genetics and lifestyle. 

When you come in for care, Dr. Allen spends time getting to know you. He also runs lab work to assess your health and educates you about your disease and how to manage it. 

Dr. Allen schedules regular follow-up appointments to monitor your health, update treatments, and provide education. He also makes himself readily available to help you manage any unexpected changes in your health.

For patient-centered chronic disease management, call Allen Wellness Center or schedule an appointment online today.